What makes Run4Fund$ different?

Are your families asking to STOP the cookie dough, chocolate, gifts and wrapping paper sales in an attempt to raise money?

Are you having issues finding Parent Volunteers to help with your school Fun Run?

Run4Funds is a fully developed and managed Fun Run event program that does not ask students to sell or deliver any products at all.  They simply work hard to get pledges and reach their goals by running/walking outside in a 30 minute Fun Run event.


Why Run4Fund$

Profitable Results

Run4Funds has helped schools raise about 70% more profit compared to their past, more traditional product sales.  And, as those traditional product sales have gone down, schools that have continued to work with Run4Funds have seen continued growth in profits year over year!

Schools always need to invest in new technology, and with an increase in fundraising demands, we customize each program to meet your specific fundraising goals.


Run4Funds is a FULL SERVICE program with a team of dedicated staff members to help you succeed from start to finish.  We pride ourselves on our active-based fundraising. From pre-planning, printing and organizing, staff meetings, interactive student assembly(s), managing the Fun Run day, accounting, reporting and, most importantly, the Prize and Celebration Day, we design each Run4Funds program to be an exciting and hassle free fundraiser for schools and parent groups.

Interactive and Fitness Based

We really try to put the FUN in Fundraiser.  And running is so much more fun than selling wrapping paper. Since the Run4Funds Team handles all the details of managing a successful Fun Run, parent groups, faculty and staff can focus on their relationships with the students and have some FUN!

Run4Funds has even partnered with Big Sky Bounce to offer Carnival Games, Inflatable Events and Movie Nights for your school, just to add to the FUN!

Everyone Participates!

Regardless of pledge amounts, every student is included in the Run4Funds Experience.  Even if some students are not able to help bring in any pledged donations, ALL of the students are included on the Fun Run Day, ALL students receive a Run4Funds T Shirt and ALL students participate in the Inflatable Experience.  There are no students left out of Run4Funds program.

And, with our belief in limited classroom interruptions, we make sure that the kid’s focus remains on their education!